Exporting your runs data from Nike+

July 23, 2014
5:00p.m. EST

Progress… I finally decided to rebuild the app using Nike's new, official APIs.

Even better - I've implemented a new feature to upload your runs directly into Strava and RunKeeper, without having to download any files!

I'm still testing and working out some kinks, so I haven't replaced the old version yet. But, I encourage you try out the new version.

If you do, please let me know how it works!


I'm a huge fan of Nike+. Recently, however, I've been having some trouble - the iPhone app crashes a little too frequently, a few of my runs wouldn't upload, and my stats don't look quite right.

So, inspired by EagerFeet, I decided to see if I could create a little utility to download my run data from Nike+, so that I could try out some of the other GPS-based run trackers like RunKeeper or Strava.

After a bit of trial and error, I was able to extract all of my runs, including GPS and heartrate data, and save them as GPX-formatted files that can be imported into most of the other sites.

A few important disclaimers…

If the download works, the app will prompt you to save a .zip file containing a series of gpx-formatted files, one for each of the runs you select.

If it doesn't, let me know. Feel free to share your suggestions for improvement.

Good luck, and happy running!

Update #1: Holy cow… As of 11/14/2012, over 1,600 people have used the app!

Update #2: Added new feature to let you select the runs you'd like to download; more than 3,300 successful downloads to date. [1/2/2013]

Update #3: Just hit 5,000 successful downloads! Also - I've had enough requests to download runs that don't include GPS data that I think it's worth doing; I hope to have this feature ready in the next few days. Last, it looks like Nike is getting ready to launch an actual, public API; I'll be watching this closely, and will take advantage of whatever improvements it makes possible. [1/30/2013]

Update #4: More than 20,000 successful downloads! Also, I fixed a bug that caused a few of you to see "no runs to export"; hopefully everyone should now be able to download all their GPS-based runs. [6/26/2013]

Update #5: A few remarkable stats... this app has been used more than 65,000 times, to download nearly 950,000 runs! [1/31/2014]

Try it!